Saturday, August 8, 2009

What's up with the party plates??

In the State of Ohio, if you get a DUI, the state has plenty of little gifts for you. The suspension, the 3 day weekend and the SR-22 are common elements of this little "package". In addition, you are presented with your own "vanity" license plate. It is yellowish orange and is bright enough to see a mile away. It signifies that you have been convicted of a DUI and that other drivers should steer clear of you if they see you coming. Now I dont know about you, but this seems a little bit discriminatory to me. If we're gonna start singling out groups of people, how about we start giving out green license plates to corrupt politicians??? There are sure plenty of them out there!!! I always thought discrimintaing people was wrong, but apparently Ohio thinks it's okay as long as these plates cost more than regular ones. I wonder if MADD gets a cut of those fees. They probably do because they probably came up with a silly idea such as this. So when Joe the plumber (or electrician or you can fill in your own profession) wants to have a beer after work, he better be careful. That beer or two can cost him alot more than the $4.50 he spent on it!!!

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  1. I don't why Ohio voted the pary plates into law. Minnesota and Georgia have also passed similar laws for repeat dui offenders. California also tried to pass party plates, but was voted down. Check out this link for more information on pary plates:


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