Sunday, August 30, 2009

About DUI traps, i mean checkpoints

Here is another DUI conspiracy that the DUI lawyers hate: The sobriety checkpoint. What is the checkpoint? The police set up a roadblock on a road and stop vehicles. If they suspect you are driving drunk, they will arrest you. Not only do they arrest alleged DUI suspects, they also issue citations for various things like suspended licenses, equipment violations and warrants. Do these checkpoints violate civil rights?? You bet they do!!! These drivers are stopped even if they haven't been drinking and may be given a breathalyzer test without probable cause. The breathalyzer test is another issue. If you refuse this self-incriminating test, the penalties are the same as if you would blow more than .08. So if you choose not to incriminate yourself, you're still getting screwed. Some also think these checkpoints violate the 4th amendment which protects against illegal search and seizure. Although the Supreme Court ruled these searches legal, they did set up some rules, such as advanced warning of the time and location of these searches. Oh yeah, I almost forgot to mention they usually only catch a small number of DUI suspects. All it is is a money making scheme to violate people of their civil rights. So be careful and avoid these "traps".


  1. DUI checkpoints are criminal in nature. Are we now a police state? Are we looking for a fugitive? Or have the law makers found another way to steal from hard working American drinkers by giving them a DUI!!

  2. DUI checkpoints is new one for this blog. law makers only find this new methods for american country.


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