Wednesday, August 26, 2009

its a world gone MADD

It seems that the majority of Americans would agree that the government plays too big of a role in our daily lives. This is also the case with DUI laws. In many countries around the world the legal age to drink is 18. (In England, children as young as 5 can drink under supervision; in Moldova there is NO drinking age for beer!!!) In the good ol' US of A the age is 21. Who is responsible for this?? Well, the government is, but who pushed this law upon us Americans?? MADD, of course. MADD, like other lobbyists in Washington, urges Senate and House members to pass laws favoring their agendas. So in 1984, Congress passed the Minimum Drinking Age Act forcing the states to change the age limit from 18 to 21. This was required: if states did not comply, they would lose 10% of federal highway funding. They also did this with the blood alcohol limits. It used to be .10. Then in 2002, with the threat of losing fed road funds, it was lowered again to .08. Another example of the government, with MADD's help, telling us what not to do and punishing us for ridiculous reasons.

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  1. More drinking laws equals more control over the people. The more money you can get out of people the best right? The agenda of trying to control everything only leads to more people waking up and fighting back. The DUI conspiracy continues..


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