Sunday, September 13, 2009

A bloody conspiracy

Some police departments across the country are implementing a new tool in the "war" against drunk driving. Police in Texas and Idaho are being trained to draw blood from suspected offenders. The program, sponsored by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, would let police forcibly draw blood from persons suspected of driving drunk. The program is in a trial stage, but if it is successful, it could be implemented across the country. So basically this means that even if you refuse a breathalyzer test, the cops can and probably will draw blood from you. The sad thing is that taking blood by force is perfectly legal. The US Supreme court said that the cops can use force to get your blood, without a warrant, as long as they have reasonable suspicion that you've been driving drunk. Not only is this another invasion of privacy, these tests could possibly convict the wrong person. The vials of blood could get mixed up or they could be improperly stored, causing the blood to ferment and make the alcohol content higher. Another issue would be an officer who was improperly trained drawing blood from somebody, causing injury and possible medical malpractice. Most cops have no medical or paramedic training, so I would feel very uncomfortable having a cop stick a needle in my arm. I hope this study goes down in flames. If it is successful, you can kiss more of our civil liberties good-bye.


  1. Interesting post. The dui lawmakers have found a new way to convict someone of a dui. If someone cannot pass a breathalyzer, why would they need to a blood sample? Or is just another way to falsely convict someone of a dui! The dui conspiracy continues..

  2. very interesting. I agree, taking a blood sample for someone is way out of line. I can't see this being fool proof and sure wouldn't want a cop poking me with a needle. It's a complete invasion of privacy


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